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    Next Patches


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    Next Patches

    Post by plum on October 14th 2009, 10:40 am

    This a crappy translation of [Tot]'s post here (last on that page). Please note this info dates back to Saturday, 10th October, before they delayed today's update.

    28 October 2009 (Minor)

    • Sram (condition: available animators) and Xélor if possible
      Dungeon 'Phorreur'
      'Phorreur' Family
      Amakna Mines
      Halloween Event

    10 November 2009 (Minor) (Tuesday, exceptionally)

    • Addition to one of the following classes: Xélor or Pandawa, according to development rythm
      Treechnid Dungeon

    Next patches: 25 November and 16 December 2009

    • The next two classes
      Celestial Gobball Dungeon, Field Dungeon (awaiting validation)

    Discuss it here!

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