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    Guild Mehh


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    Guild Mehh

    Post by Lord-Blizzard on January 11th 2011, 6:02 am


    Future IGN: Lord-Blizzard (Blizz)
    Forum Name: Blizz
    Class: Osa. I try to have a balance of summon and brute force.

    In game I try to be as helpful for my team as possible. I can give a range of helps and keep everyone alive!

    Game Exp:
    I do lots of RPG games including:
    Adventure Quest (A long time.)
    Club Penguin (You know you love it ^^)
    Dofus (3 years)
    Angels Online
    Lord of the Rings Online
    Vampire Wars

    I also have played alot of GBA. Hope there are some Fire Emblem/Golden Sun/Dragon Quest fans in the midst of us.

    Really looking forward to adding Wakfu to the list. (Looks epic!)

    I love PvP and preceptor hunts. Will enjoy participating an some epic clan wars. I'm an American and I have a tendency to boast about it... but only when necessary(like in the presence of an englishman).
    I live in the sunny side of Georgia but love the cold.
    Will keep the clan at high! So to speak...
    Waiting for v4 to join Wakfu so just asking to be put at de top of the list.

    Down with the french! And the brits.

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