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    Next patch tomorrow!! 24/02/10


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    Next patch tomorrow!! 24/02/10

    Post by microundeas on February 23rd 2010, 9:06 am

    yes it's true next patch will be tomorrow, 24, this was said by Zidrune at the suivi:

    "Hello everyone,

    After teasing my little yesterday about the imminent arrival of the next patch, I come this morning to announce two dates:

    The first, the Patch Notes, which appear in the afternoon. Program: Renewal villages, feature additions to the ecosystem and the Gélutin, Balancing spells class, and other small novelties that you can discover in a few hours.

    The second date? The patch of course! It is scheduled for tomorrow. And Oh joy! No deletion of characters is on the agenda.

    If you have a little time available, I found this afternoon in the game, accompanied Fhenris for our monthly meeting. Please prepare all your questions about the level design, redesign of villages, the sources of Wakfu and Stasis, etc..

    I will leave you with the Pixcraft, new bondage ... Assistant Moa."

    Original post: http://forum.wakfu.com/fr/le-carnet-de-bord-f2/suivi-wakfu-t56917-p-1920.html

    so if i can will put the patch note

    cheers cheers

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    Patch note

    Post by microundeas on February 23rd 2010, 11:54 am

    Here is the patch note by Google:

    Here is the list of changes made by the 0211 version of Wakfu, deployed Wednesday, February 24, 2010.

    To take full advantage of new channels of the chat, it is advisable to restore the default settings of the chat.


    Consolidation of villages

    * Reorganization of the border area. The zAAP the island is now part of the Village area. This area is unobstructed by other nations and has a completely unaltered ecosystem to facilitate the arrival in the world of new players.
    * Added a tavern to each village.
    * Added a governor's house in the village.
    * Appearance of houses trades: Workshop on alchemy, tailoring, The Forge, Timber Restaurant, Jewelry.
    * Consolidation of machines craft.
    * Added resources for harvesting paddocks next to the corresponding racks.


    * Players can relocate the monsters in the ecosystem through the profession Trapper (formerly known as Hunter).
    * Members of Clan have own wills. Compliance with these will define their power in combat and bonuses which they gratify players.
    * The new interface includes those ecosystem Wills.
    * Some monsters special may appear depending on the state of the ecosystem (only on the outer islands to this day).
    * The job of trapper can gather resources on the corpses of monsters.
    * Some creatures are provided with a diet and can eat some resources (resources regress to earlier stage of their evolution).
    * Certain (e) s creatures / beings couples have reproductive events (such as Tofoune + Tofu).
    * Players can trample resources to the state of small pushes. This action relates neither experience nor resources.


    * The gélutin may be hidden in his pocket via the MRU of the player (right click on his own character).
    * A new system Gélugemmes appeared: The gélutin has an inventory of gélugemmes and 5 slots for equipping (1 Gélugemme Face, 11 Gélugemmes Envelope Gélugemmes Boost and 3). This interface is available via the MRU player.
    * The gélugemmes are unlocked depending on the player's actions. The interface of these challenges is currently not available but the criteria for obtaining gems are available via the interface Gélugemmes.
    * 12 different Gélugemmes allow customization of the visual Gélutin (1 Gélugemme Face and 11 Envelope).
    * 30 different Gélugemmes Boost give bonuses to its diverse character.
    * The Gélutin help and now says the player's actions in a dedicated channel.
    * The Gélutin has 5 additional animations, still according to the player's actions.


    * The keys of dungeons are achievable by using Props seed monsters.
    * The job has to cook new recipes.
    * All crafts have new animations craft.
    * The Cat Returns at crafts are now in a dedicated channel.

    Objects and Equipment

    * Added a range Gostus
    * Added an arsenal Scarecrow
    * Added a draft of Recall, which allows you to teleport to the savepoint (Portal Class or Phoenix)


    * A spectator mode was added in combat. It is available in the menu by clicking one of the fighters fight.
    * Four new members of the clan have their ultimate fate: Bash Skwal (Beach crab - Amakna) Fertilizator (Prairie du Midge - Amakna), Keli Slevtar (Red Beach - Amakna) and Osamodas (Plains Outer Islands) .
    * Integration of graphical effects (APS) on Feca spells.
    * The Cra tags have been graphically re-designated and animated.


    * It is possible to take screenshots directly into game screenshots are placed in the "screenshots" directory for installation of Wakfu. The key assigned to this feature by default is F12, reconfigurable via options.
    * The non-combat activities of Members of Clan of the four outer islands have been finalized.
    * The doors of the dungeon (outside and between rooms) change state. We must now click on it to open once unlocked.
    * Death in the intricacies of space astral coastal markets.

    Changes / Corrections


    * Repasse comprehensive chances planting resources according to type of soil.
    * The job of "Hunter" has been renamed to "Trapper".
    * Rebalancing rate drops resource via the fight or a trapper.
    * All monsters now have a clean body.
    * The villages have become more ecosystem impacting the gauge wakfu / stasis players.


    * The bubbles are fighting again superimposed.
    * During the phase of investment at the beginning of combat, the characters move toward their place instead of teleporting.
    * Fixed a bug on the bubble battle allowed to stand on heights in certain areas inaccessible terrain.

    Class Spells

    * Invisibility (Sram): Removing the bonus will. Adding a cooldown of 4 laps.
    * Lethal Contact (Sram): Arsenic and Myotoxine no longer trigger Lethal Contact.
    * Glyph Stimulant (FECA): Slight change in the functioning of fate: The target is healed only when she casts a spell in standing on the glyph.
    * Glyph Keeper (FECA): The spell can not be restarted until the launcher still maintains the first glyph.
    * Source Protector (FECA): The boost of PV no longer stack.
    * Regenerating Armor (FECA): Lançable once per target per turn.
    * Glyph of Immobilization (FECA): Reducing the loss of around 1 PM at levels 3 and 4.
    * Truce (FECA): Select the situation can no longer see the invisible.
    * Armor Feca (FECA): The armor is now in% PV of the launcher.
    Blade * skiing (FECA): Changing the range of 2 to 5 3 to 6.
    * Attack Stormy (FECA): Adding an area in Cross 1.
    * Temporal Dust (Xelor): Adding a PW.
    * Burn time (Xelor): Removing the PW.
    * Empathetic Blight (Xelor): Reduced duration to 1 turn.
    * Shock Temporal (Xelor): The lot is now functional.
    * Temporal Displacement (Xelor): cost reduction to 4 PA and loss reduction initiative.
    * Gel time (Xelor): Increase in OP 1.
    * Cut Temporal (Xelor): Increase in OP 1.
    Cases * Hours: Fixed the bug to collect bonuses in several casting.


    * The style of chat bubbles has been improved. For example, a bubble of 'thinking' has been added and activated when you speak between stars.
    * Operation bubbles cat has been improved (bubbles tremble, texts truncated, etc..).
    * The display of large amounts of kamas in the various interfaces (inventory, windows, etc..) Has been corrected.
    * Improving the Safety of user preferences.


    * Fixed bug in group invitations from the knapsack that teleporting the player to a random place in the world.

    Please note that these features are prone to be modified and will not be necessarily implemented in this form in future updates actual game

    Original : http://forum.wakfu.com/fr/le-carnet-de-bord-f2/mise-a-jour-0-211-t61694.html

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    Re: Next patch tomorrow!! 24/02/10

    Post by RunicTech on February 23rd 2010, 12:09 pm

    * Players can relocate the monsters in the ecosystem through the profession Trapper (formerly known as Hunter).
    ~Epic, been waiting for this!

    * The job of trapper can gather resources on the corpses of monsters.
    ~Even more epic!

    * The keys of dungeons are achievable by using Props seed monsters.
    ~Means we can craft keys now right?

    * Source Protector (FECA): The boost of PV no longer stack.

    * Armor Feca (FECA): The armor is now in% PV of the launcher.

    Blade * skiing (FECA): Changing the range of 2 to 5 3 to 6.
    ~Well, time to restart my Feca

    * Attack Stormy (FECA): Adding an area in Cross 1.
    ~To a Fire Feca

    This are key things for me from this patch Smile

    'The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.' ~Socrates

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    Re: Next patch tomorrow!! 24/02/10

    Post by Venomy on February 23rd 2010, 4:57 pm

    my key things:

    Press delete key under feca -.-"

    Nah just kidding .. I dunno ^^

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    Re: Next patch tomorrow!! 24/02/10

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