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    Application Guidelines [Read Before Applying]


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    Application Guidelines [Read Before Applying]

    Post by Tusk on October 12th 2009, 4:04 am

    ATTENTION: In the future New accounts wont be allowed to access the forums unless approved by an administrator. All new users that wish to join will have to make a thread here, following this information. If everything is fine, your account will be approved and you will be able to post/view the forums.

    Hey all! Can't be a guild forum without applications! ;D

    Origin is the type of guild that focuses on quality over quantity. We plan to prosper, and most, if not all of our members, will be adept at doing so. We all will gain experience, as well as good ol general Wakfu know-how. Wether its the right builds or right solo/group tactics, its all our specialty. Most of us can, and will play for long periods of time, get those needed high levels, and dominate just about EVERY aspect of Wakfu. Let it be known that were probably the most aspiring bunch out there.

    Are you the type to get a rush out of destroying your opponents? Do you like having a DEPENDABLE team to back you up in those gloriously epic fights? Are you a fast learner, and can you adapt to many different strategies?

    If so... feel free to submit an application with the following information. ***NOTE: Information required will change once OBT end. This is all thats needed for now!***

    Let us know...
    •Name and/or future IGN.
    •Desired Forum account name.
    •Desired class.
    •Reasons you want to join / What you can contribute.
    •Previous gaming experience.
    •A Little bit about yourself.

    Submit this info in a thread of your own. We will revise it, and decide if you are ready to join Origin.
    Good luck to you all!

    If your application is accepted, we will move it to the * Accepted/Trial Applications thread.

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